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Sunnyside Down Productions presents “The Rubix” Webisodes (Clips)


Sunnyside Down Productions will be releasing the never before seen footage (clips) of the feature film “The Rubix” beginning in the month of February. After digging through our vault, we have concluded that we give the team of talented people who worked on this project their just due.

A clip will be released once a week, not in any particular order to showcase independent film makers at it’s core. The film stars the talented Khalil Muhammad & Candice LaGia Lenoir “The Rubix” explores the trails and tribulations of relationships when the truth is concealed under lies of dishonesty. The comedy/drama was shot in the year of 2009 over New Jersey. Please Enjoy!

For our fans, here you go our first clip!

Sunnyside Down Productions presents “The Rubix”

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