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Sunnyside Down Productions presents “The Rubix”


Sunnyside Down Productions is proud to present the premeire of the webisode “The Rubix” starring Khalil Muhammad & Candice LaGia Lenoir. Episode #1 will broadcast on July 12th, at 8pm. Be sure to support the hard work and extremely talented people who was able to make this project a reality.

The Official Trailer “The Rubix”

Relationships are like a Rubik’s Cube. Think about it. You sit here with this multi-colored box, trying to make the pieces match. You get frustrated after so many failed attempts so you put the cube away. After a couple of days, you come trying to make the pieces work out. This, my friends, is The Rubix. Some relationships are worth fighting for!

Khalil Muhammed
Candice LaGia Lenoir
Julius B. Kelly
Pamela Johnson
Gerald Vaughn
Nehanda Loiseau
Shashone Lambert
Squeaky Moore
Duane Davis

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